Friday, January 30, 2009

Tooth Fairy Drama...

Last night, Jillian lost ANOTHER tooth. (This is #3 since October.) So, of course, she puts her tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy...

This morning, when Brett went to wake the girls for the day, Jillian's first movements were to check under her pillow for to see what the tooth fairy brought. To her dismay, she did not find anything other than her tooth.

Brett came to share the news that our daughter was disappointed that she still had her tooth and no money. (I love how the whole tooth fairy thing becomes solely about the money.) 

I was shocked! LOL! How could she forget! "Are you sure?" I asked, "I'll go look after I get ready". Brett left for the farm to check the "babies" (the calfs), the girls ate breakfast, and I finished getting ready. 

After the girls finished breakfast, I went into their room to help them double check that the tooth fairy didn't come - how could she not! Jillian was full of attitude when she shared, "Mom, the tooth is right here. She didn't come."

I told her I would not be surprised if her thrashing in her sleep scared the poor tooth fairy away! She's only a tiny fairy! She wasn't amused. But I made her keep looking; good thing too! We found a dollar at the head of her bed that fell on the floor when I pulled the bed away from the wall. Jillian LIT UP! "Oh my gosh mom! Maybe I did scare her!" And this is where the story gets even better. Jillian says to me, "Maybe if I put the tooth back under my pillow tonight, I'll get another dollar!" 

I don't think so honey; nice try! LOL!