Monday, November 28, 2011

Photography Fun: TriCities

I made a quick trip to the TriCities today to do some birthday and Christmas shopping. On the route to the mall is Columbia Park along the beautiful Columbia River. This park also hosts the Hydroplane Races every year in July. I am not sure that I should admit this but I have NEVER stopped at this park AND I have never seen the races....but I stopped today! (I'm so proud of me!! LOL!)
When I pulled into the park I was surprised by this amazing Regional Veterans Memorial! I say surprised as this park is just off HWY 240, I look at this park EVERY time I pass, and I have not seen that this memorial exists! It's not small people! LOL!
As I was walking from my car to the memorial, I was looking around to see the memorial from different angles to take pictures from. A group of geese nearby definitely caught my attention. I stopped for a minute and watched as they lined up single file to cross the street! Then they took one step up from the grass onto the curbing and then one step carefully down to the street and waddled across. I kind of assumed there would be more of a jump with both feet; it's a tall curb! I also found it interesting that they each have their own unique waddle. One kicked it's feet out in front, another was very careful, almost dainty, with its feet. I found it very interesting!
As I took a closer look through my camera I noticed that many of them were banded on their leg. Ok, not so unusual. But one goose was also banded around its neck! Big 'ol band! I've asked Brett what that band is for and he said he's never seen it! I watched them for a bit longer and then I turned back to the memorial.
This is one spectacular site to see especially with the Columbia River in the background! As I was setting up a shot of the center pillar with the info tablet, a flock of geese flew overhead and landed in the river! I did catch it in my picture but it doesn't truly capture the sensations that went through me at that very moment. I was in awe!
You'll never believe this but it was the very SAME group of geese that I had been so captivated by earlier! How do I know? Why that neck band on the one goose in the group!
I walked out of the memorial and went to the edge of the river to take water pictures of the geese. Two things I found HILARIOUS! First, that one goose was VERY vocal and separated itself from the group as if it were saying "look at me! take pictures of me!" as it circled around. The other funny,  was that they all started to line up as if they were in the air - in V formation! Do geese do that? Line up everywhere? The air, to cross the street, in the water??
I all of a sudden felt a personal connection with this flock! They were a bit OCD like me! hehehe!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I'm back!

(Sing to the tune of "Welcome Back, Kotter") Welcome back! Welcome back! Welcome back!
What a way to return than with a creative moment! Ok, so the creativity is primarily by Shutterfly but the fact that I did a project is noteworthy! LOL!
I have challenged  myself to a 365 project....Wanting to pick up my camera again and get shooting! A little blogging could help make that a reality! Please help keep me accountable! Follow me on Facebook & my Mrs. Moses Lake Blog! This will be FUN!

So, until tomorrow, please enjoy this little preview of our Holiday Card!

Stationery card
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Monday, November 21, 2011

Always make sure you are listening....

Sometimes I feel like the movie Transformers; the part where Bumblebee speaks through the radio. I feel that God is talking directly to me.  
Today I'm going through a bunch of mixed emotions, this song comes on and just answers all of my feelings....maybe this will speak to you too! God Bless!