Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fishing update...

Brett's been in Alaska all this week for his annual trip with my Dad. Although I miss him and envy the away time I feel very fortunate that my Dad and he get along so well that they can, and want to, spend a whole week together! :) There's more guys there than just my Dad and Brett; my Dad's been going on this trip for years! Long before Brett and I were even together. Of the original group that started going, I think there were a total of 4-5 of them, it's just my Dad and Fred. Now, Fred's son goes, Brett goes, Rory, Dad's friend who's been going for a while, took his boys this year...sounds like some good guy time, huh?

I told you all that to share this; this year the fishing hasn't been all that great, between Brett and my Dad they've got 19, but they're still having a great time! Last night, they played poker (Texas Hold 'em); all those guys I just mentioned. Guess who went heads up (one on one)? My Dad and Brett! Everyone was razzing Brett that he'd better not win, "you don't want to ruin Christmas!", was someone's remark. Brett had an Ace and King, Dad had an Ace and a Seven - the only card that came up was a Seven; my dad got a pair and won! It sounded like it was a hoot!

This is just a reminder of yet another blessing; the great relationship my Dad and husband share. Two very important and influential people in my life. Thanks guys! Love you! Can't wait 'til you get home!

A special treat for Jillian...

Today was a special treat for Jillian because I surprised her with a play date with Cayli. Cayli and Jillian have been BFF's for awhile now; they were in Preschool together last year. They are a year different in age and so this year Cayli is still at that Preschool and Jillian is in Kindergarten... I think that they're settling down from the new year excitement and missing their friend....

I picked Cayli up from Preschool and we had about 45 minutes before it was time to pick up Jillian. Poor Cayli, I think it was the LONGEST 45 minutes of her life! "Ok, time to pick up Jillian" was the phrase she repeated about every 5-10 minutes; "not quite yet", I would reply.

I tried to occupy our time by running one 5 minute errand - literally, 5 minutes. 
Cayli was antsy, "Tiffany, let's go, it's time to get Jillian"
"Not yet sweetie, it's still gonna be a little bit"
So, then I took her to the park to let her play to pass the time; she sat next to me and chatted for a minute and then said, "Ok, let's go, it's time to get Jillian"
"Almost time sweetie, how 'bout you play?", and off she went.
One trip down the slide and guess what, yep, "Ok, Time to get Jillian".

You would think that it would be getting to me at this point but that girl has cuteness on her side! I felt bad that she was missing my little girl so badly! So, I played with her. Yep, we got on the dinosaur that rocks and pretended to pick up Jillian, then Alissa, then Charli (Cayli's Mom). We stopped and got chocolate treats, ice cream, and chocolate pie....before you knew it, it was time to get Jillian! (Note: When we "picked up" the chocolate treats and pie Cayli said to me, "we gotta save some for my dad, he LOVES chocolate!" - wanted you to know he wasn't left out. )

Man, after we got Jillian and got home, those two didn't know what to play first! Let's play house, let's play with Barbies, let's play animals, let's color....MY head was spinning! It was great to see these two so excited to be together! Soon they were talking about Alissa coming home and making plans of what to play when she got here! So nice of them to be so considerate.

When Ali got home the busyness resumed; she had ballet at 3:30pm, so off we went! Unfortunately, they didn't get hardly any play time with her.

I was to meet Charli at 4pm, so to pass the time we went to a different park and I let both of them play (it worked much better this time); and at 4pm our play date came to an end. Jillian was so sad, but I reassured her that we would have another one soon.

Thanks for coming over today Cayli! We enjoyed having you! It's so good to have great friends!

Monday, September 8, 2008

I am blessed...

I've always been thankful for all that I have but this morning I felt especially blessed. My girls adore each other and for that I am especially grateful. Yes, they have their sibling moments but overall they really are BFF (best friends forever)! Just watching them this morning as they got ready for school; helping each other get hair accessories, talking about hot lunch and playing on the was just a sweet moment.

Thanks girls, it's special mornings like these that remind me of my blessings. Love you!

Let the races begin...

Today officially starts dance season. The girls, between the two of them, are dancing four days a week. Add those drop offs/pick-ups to school drop offs/pick-ups and there's about nine trips to town on Monday alone because of course they dance at different times. There's NO WAY the dance school could accommodate all of their dancers - way too many. 

This year, with the push of gas prices, I was very proud of myself that I asked a neighbor to carpool. If we can save each other at least one trip it's all worth it - thanks Heather! Now to try for a Kindergarten carpooler.....

What's my motivation?....

Why is it so hard to complete and finish projects lately? I am more than happy, and have ideas galore, when it comes to helping others but  for myself lately, not so much. When I was picking up the kids at my in-laws  yesterday Genia was sharing ideas for when her Dad moves up. Man, my gears were turning! I was excited and happy to offer help whenever it is needed; and then I came home.....

Remember my first post, the one where my home projects are my therapy, I got home and got stuck. I need to figure this out! I have LOTS of projects and plans! Now to just get them started.....

I LOVE Safeco Field....

Saturday night, Brett and I had a treat; we went to the Mariner's game against the Yankee's with Brett's brother Jeff, his wife Jennifer, their son McLean, and Brett's cousins' Alex and Josh. I haven't been to a Mariner's game for at least five years (to the best of my recollection) and going to this game made me reminisce.

Safeco Field has NO bad seat. Yes, there are seats that are closer and have better views but no matter where you sit you are a part of the game. You feel close to the field, even on the top level. I have sat all around that field; down the 3rd base line six rows back, in the terrace seats (their plush), on the bleachers and on the top level. Every place I felt a part of the game. Hopefully, Brett and I will be able to catch a few more games next season.

Another great thing about Safeco is the garlic fries! They are a MUST! Here's where you get them inside the field:


Monday, September 1, 2008

The weekend that wasn't....

This was a weekend that I look forward to all year long; and I blew it.

Saturday my family had plans to go to the Ellensburg Rodeo; Brett and I did not make it. You see I had my moment of gracefulness; one that gave me the nickname Grace that I get called every now and then.

I missed the bottom step of a step stool in my closet, got caught up in some clothes on the floor and heard a big 'ol pop in my ankle. It's 8:30am and we were planning on leaving around 11am. Alissa and Jillian were such good care takers! Alissa called Brett, he was gone changing/checking  water, she and Jillian got a bag of ice for me and Jillian continued to check on me as I was crying. I cried for two hours! Brett got home about 15minutes after it happened and tried to asses the situation; he was confident that I sprained my ankle I, on the other hand,  was sure that I broke it. My justification - I used to sprain my ankle all the time as a kid (hence the Grace nickname) the whole joint swells and you can't pinpoint one area that hurts worse than another. I could pinpoint EXACTLY where it hurt and the rest I could touch without much wincing. 

After Brett's parents came and got the kids to take them to the rodeo (cause they still wanted to go - don't blame 'em); after an hour of icing it and having taken 4 ibuprofen (two hours after it all happened); Brett took me to the clinic. My pain wasn't letting up. Brett bet me $100 that it was sprained, I gladly accepted as I was confident it was broken!

After a half an hour visit at the clinic, getting x-rays and examined, I go out on my crutches in an air cast with a sprained ankle. I was told to keep it elevated and iced for the next two days so that's what I did. A whole lot of nothing!

I still have no idea what Brett's planning with that $100 but I am happy that it isn't broken.

Our last official weekend of local rodeo, seeing friends, and having a great time....gone! I'll have to wait until next year!