Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Teleportation...the more I travel the more I wish it were a reality.

I love my life and I am blessed to be able to travel often. The ONLY downfall is all the packing! It never fails, no matter how prepared I think I am with my lists of what to bring, I forget SOMETHING! LOL! Anyone else feel this same frustration?

If I really sit down and put more thought into it I get a little freaked out about all the logistics of it all and instead of the cool Star Trek vision I have in my head my imagination turns to Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory; all the tiny particles flying through the air....Then my imagination goes from wouldn't teleportation be so cool to what if I got somewhere missing some of ME! LOL! Isn't it funny how our minds work.

It's good to dream and think of the what could be; it all starts with a "what if..." Some people are scared of the "what if's", I am thankful to those who took a chance on their dreams; they've made so many things in our everyday lives possible.

So, my reminder in this silly little post, is to wake up your dreams! Some can be silly like my teleportation becoming a reality in my lifetime but it brings a wonderful childhood happiness back into your life. Get dreaming again! Don't let your "what ifs" be something that hold you back, allow them to be something that push you to your next step in life. Dream!