Friday, October 31, 2008

Our 8 Hour Halloween Marathon...

Yes, you heard me, 8 hours! The girls had a blast and didn't really slow down until the last hour!

We were invited to join the Chapmans' in traveling here and there throughout the day; so, we all packed into my car and headed off! We followed Charli's sister Jayci and her niece Terrin to Stephanie's (Charli's sister, Terrin's Mom) work in Ephrata where they were hosting a chili feed that is a fundraiser for their Christmas family that they sponsor each year, then we trick-or-treated all her co-workers. We parted ways with Jayci and Terrin and as we were leaving, I removed a bag of M&M's from Camyrn as the drive is about 20 minutes from Ephrata to Moses Lake, a lot of time for an almost two year old to get chocolate everywhere; I broke her heart and boy did I make her mad! She cried ALL THE WAY BACK to Moses. Charli informed me that she's never protested that long. Thanks, makes me feel good. Poor Cam!

Next, we headed to see Justin (Charli's hubby) at his work get more goodies there. Camyrn had fallen asleep by the time we got there, poor thing. After Jusitn's work we were off to Charli's office to trick-or-treat. I stayed in the car with Cam so that she could continue to sleep from all the stress I put her through, it was the least I could do; then to BK for dinner. The whole reason we chose BK was for the iDog toy and guess what? No iDog toys, sold out, but the sign was still up that they were available, oops. After we picked up the food we headed to the much anticipated spot, the High School.

I love that this is an option! Indoor, safe, and fun; all that a parent could ask for. They even offer hot cocoa, cookies, and pictures for a small fee and have a haunted house at the end of the trick-or-treating! Justin and Charli are HUGE Halloween fans! I just love the candy. I used to like Halloween but I think that with the busy schedule of birthdays right around this time and that I'm still gearing up for more birthdays next week it can just be too much. This year the girls didn't even know what they wanted to be until the 25th, the day after Ali's birthday. CRAZY!

Anyway, Justin was itching to go throught the haunted house with the kids! My kids are not huge "I like to get scared" kinda kids; they're more, "I'm gonna have nightmares over this" kinda kids. But, I thought Riley and Cayli want to go (they're younger than my kids), it's only at the High School, how scary could it really be, really. Well, apparently it was scary enough that Cayli and Jillian were crying and Riley and Alissa were pretty spooked. They hadn't even made it half way and Justin got them all out of there. Hmmm....

Next stop, the Alliance Church. We have never gone here as part of our Hallooween fun but my girls and the Riley and Cayli go to VBS there in the summer; this church does NOTHING small. Why would I expect anything less?!? The time, effort, and heart that goes into their events shows and it's nice. Admission was 1 canned food per family as well as 1 bag of candy, we misunderstood and brought 1 can per child and 1 bag per adult, oh well. Local food bank gets food and it's Halloween! EVERYONE needs more candy, right?

There were games galore, tons of food and not just junk food. There were hot dogs, chips, banana smoothies, apple juice, and of course cookies! The kids had a blast! We were there well over an hour. Truly, I lost track of time once we entered the High School at 5pm until I was dragging at 7:15pm at the Alliance Church ready to go, but I was the only one ready to go. So, I sucked it up for a little longer until we headed out and headed to Steph's house where Chari's van was.

Laine, Steph's daughter, had some girlfriends over and they were all dresses as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; they were cute! They're all Jr. High kids who were having a lot of fun and geting ready to head to the scary haunted house in town. So, guess what gets back in my kids heads, yep the hounted house from earlier. Great.

After about a half an hour of laying low and enjoying the company, my girls and I head home. Guess what the topic of conversation is; yep, the haunted house. How scared they were, how freaky some stuff was and I'm cringing thinking I'm not gonna get any sleep tonight! They are going to be up telling me that they're having bad dreams. Fab. So, I tell them that they can watch a movie, which is SO against my rules I can't believe I offered it, but if it can get them to change their thoughts I'm all for it. Charli and I had already gone over the fact that it's not real, it's just the High School kids dressed up, and it's all make believe. Didn't work.

So, as I'm typing, they're watching HSM 1. Hopefully we'll all get a good night sleep.

Here are some of my fav pics from the night. 
Note to self: next year, more saturated colors! They really help bring the Halloween vibe.

Jillian, an angel & Alissa, an animal talent fairy named Fawn from the movie Tinkerbell (all that info is huge because Fawn can talk to the animals, sometimes I think Alissa can too!), waiting outside the High School. This actually makes me a little nervous for Jr. High....

Riley, a ninja, waiting to enter the High School with a canned good (admission).
You can see his ear to ear grin right through that mask! Cutie!

Cayli, a good witch, looking through her spy glass! This is one of my fav pics of the night! 
Charli took this pic and she had PERFECT timing!

Camyrn, a cute little flower. 
How adorable is she! Seriously!

Overall, it was a wonderful whirlwind of a day. The kids did great, we all enjoyed each others company, and it was fun! Thank you Charli for inviting us. 

Happy Halloween!

Everyone at Stephanie's work. What a cute setup at the entry of the building!!
Anther great pic by Charli.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Trick...

So, I've got a trick up my sleeve that I am hoping will help me in my blogging efforts. I have found out that I can create a draft and come back to it later and it will post as the time I initially created the draft. (It's not your imagination that these are all popping up all of a sudden)

What's so cool about that? Well, I have somethings that I'm a bit OCD on and sharing events with you in order is one of them. So, being able to write the thought now and finish the thought later and then have it post in the correct sequesnce of events is a happy thing for me. I am hoping that it will assist me in my blogging efforts.

I am not happy with myself that I'm pretty much blogging once a week but I CAN NOT blog with Jillian around. That girl! She's hilarious! It's like when the phone rings, the kids were off doing something else then the phone rings and all of aa sudden they need you and they need you NOW! Same for me and blogging; I need a somewhat quite atmosphere to collect my thoughts and Jillian is right there breaking that train of thought. I have thought for the last week if I take a break and give her some time she'll go off and do her thing and then I can do mine, nope. Not so.

So, then before you know it, it's bedtime and I'm tired too. Too tired to stay up and blog.

Well, see how this new trick pans out. I'm excited!

Okay, a weekly review it is...

Since my return to the office part time and the other part of my day shuffling kids around I find my nights full of endless chores and not enough stamina to make time for the fun.

Not only am I not blogging regularly, or as regularly as I'd like, I am now behind in my scrapbooking class. Yes, I can catch up but I would have rather kept up.

I still have not even started the Week in the Life project! (Oops!) And very shortly I need to create my projects for my BBCC classes (starting Feb).

Right now is a shuffle period that I know will settle soon. I look forward to finding some creative time and working on my projects. Let's see when that happens.:) Guess it's time to start scheduling it in.

Stressing Out...

I guess my girls are stressed out, or so my research on the internet says. You see, both of the girls are having sleeping issues. Alissa has been having nightmares pretty much every night this month and Jillian is sleepwalking. It was just my luck for them to both have an episode the same night.

It started with Jillian. It's about 10:30pm and I am almost asleep when I hear "please help me" from Jillian and shes hussling down the hall. I get up to find her turning every light on and headed for the family room. I call her name, she turns around and hussles over to me and gives me a hug then proceeds to say something. What, I have no clue as it was complete jiberish. Not a lick of it made ANY sense! I keep trying to guess what she's saying and them she gets frustrated, gives up and just starts pulling me to the family room. I encourage her to go back to bed and she does.

Now that I am COMPLETLY freaked out, I'm awake. So, I decide to look up sleepwalking online. Just a note, sometimes the internet isn't your friend. It tells me that if your child is sleepwalking you should:

Have a consistant bedtime. Yep, we already do, 8-8:30pm every weeknight and most weekends.

Don't eat right before bed. Yep, I have always thought it was bad for your body to make it work when it's suppose to rest while your sleeping.

Possible cause: stress. Great. I'm stressing my kid out! (This is where the internet is not always your friend) 

Because I am so tired I start to just skim the rest of the article to find a that sleepwalking and nightmares are linked in searches. Great. AND that for children who are sleepwalking and children having nightmares, for them to avoid bunk beds! Fab! I'm the worst mom EVER! They have bunk beds! I'm too tired to pursue the topic any further and have to leave it until the next day.

Shortly after I finally get to sleep, guess who's up? Yep, Alissa. She had another nightmare. I do the usual; give her a hug, tell her I love her, that she is safe, and to go to the bathroom. She's spooked and just lays in her room WIDE awake. I encourage her to read or listen to her iPod and she finally falls asleep.

Next thing I know it's time to get up and not only am I not rested but I feel like the worst mom EVER! My poor kids!

I am a true believer in energy in a room and I am anxiously awaiting Brett to get back from Elk camp to help me take apart their beds and rearrange their room.

I'm not sure what is stressing them out or even if they are but I'd like to get a resolution so that we can all sleep better.

Happy BDay Boo..

Friday was the CRAZIEST day in awhile and I could not have made it through without the help of my husband and friends!

Not only was Friday Alissa's 9th birthday (more on that in just a minute) but it was my post op appointment for my knee as well. That threw a bit of a kink in my plans for the day but I was determined to try to make my original plans for the day work.

This year Alissa was SUPER excited that she was getting a party, as last year she made bad choices and a party was not an option on the table. I had planned on taking cupcakes to school and going to High School Musical 3 for her party. Sounds simple enough, right? Let me share how the day really played out.

That darned (but very important) appointment really messed with my timing I had planned for the day. It was at 9:15am in Spokane; in order for me to get to my appointment on time Brett & I needed to leave town by 7am. So a big help came from my friend Heather who let me drop the kids off at her house 20minutes early and took all the girls to school. THANK YOU!
On Wednesday, I called Ali's teacher and asked what time I could take cupcakes to class, she said they celebrated parties at lunch 11:15-12. Okay, how am I gonna pull that off? It's safe to schedule two hours for the trip to the MD considering morning traffic; if my appointment is at 9:15 that doesn't even give me anytime to see the MD. Enter Tracy, THANK YOU Tracy! She offered to take the cupcakes to school in the morning when she dropped off her son, Tanner.

I still need to thank Brett for heading out later than planned for his annual Elk hunting trip. Thanks honey! I know you would have rather gotten out earlier in the day but I appreciate the time you spent with me.

Now, the party. The movie was at 4:30pm, we can't have the party room but a half an hour before the movie which makes 4pm but the staff doesn't even get there until 4pm. It's the premiere of HSM3, I asked the staff a few days earlier if I could block off seats and they said that hasn't worked in the past and didn't recommend it. GREAT! How am I gonna pull this off if I'm the only adult? Enter Charli and Bobbi. Thank goodness they wanted to watch the movie! They came, reserved the seats, and everthing went smooth. THANKS GUYS!

The day was a success, Alissa had a blast and there's NO WAY I could have done it without the help of Brett and my friends. Thanks again guys!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


It's been a week since my last post?!? Really?!? Just goes to show how crazy life can get.

Last week in a flash, in addition to the everyday stuff; Monday chores, Tuesday work, Wednesday work, Thursday surgery, Friday recoup, Saturday recoup, Sunday chores. Yep, that looks right.

Surgery, yes, surgery. Two years ago I had reconstructive knee surgery on my right knee that involved placing two screws on the bump below my knee (patella tuberosity). Well, those screws were trying to come out! Brett's joke, "they forgot the locktight". Anyway, hurt like a bugger so they needed to be taken out. Holy moly! We got to keep the screws, they're like 2.5 inches long and the Here's a picture taken by Brett with his phone in the hospital:

Seriously, this month is flying by! I did keep a notebook of my "day in the life" project still yet to be completed and I caught up to the current week three assignments on my "Design Your Life" project last night. Trying to lay low this weekend but everytime I sit my mind tells me there's something else I should be doing; like laundry, or meal planning, or getting ready for the week...and what a week it will be!

Monday thru Thursday I will be working afternoons in addition to my carpool routine (that should be interesting as I am currently in need of one crutch - Brett will be helping, little does he know). Thank the heavens that my mom is here, she will be helping with the girls routine so that I can work afternoons (she does know). 

My Aunt Almyra has been here with my mom for the last week; we sure do love having them both here. I've been storing little moments in my archives of the sweet memories that have been made this week. While my mom's been creating masterpieces of Christmas trees for Krista's Open House this weekend at Elements,  my Aunt has taken the time to play Go Fish, Connect the Dots, and teach the  girls how to play her video solitaire. It reminds me of going to my Grandma Minnie's house in SLC, UT and doing things with my Aunt Wilmadeen. She'd play card games with me, we'd go for walks around the capitol building, it was just time well spent together. My Aunt Wilmadeen is no longer here to reminisce in these memories with me or create new ones with my children but I hold them dear as I know my kids will hold this visit dear. This week mom will be spending more time with the girls as Krista's project is now complete; it sure is nice to have a mom interested in helping us with our "projects" - thanks mom!

Back to this week; Friday. Friday! Friday is a busy day! It's Alissa's ninth birthday, it's the day Brett is to go setup elk camp, and it is my one week post op visit in Spokane. Who decided the week before elk camp would be a good one for hardware removal? Oh yeah, me. Silly me!

Mom and Aunt Almyra leave Thursday back to Portland so I think Friday might go something like this: Heather carpool (still have to ask her), Brett & I to Spokane (I hope he goes with me), get back in time to pick Jillian up at 1pm, Brett off to elk camp, get Alissa from school, setup party room at movie theater, have party, watch High School Musical 3, party over, day over. Whew! My mantra will be "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!" I'm already stressed!

I'll keep my notebook handy and update when I can.

P.S. New pages added to the DYL project post. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

MY blog banner....

I did it! I did it! I did it! Hooray!! (Sing to the tune of Dora the explorer)

I customized my blog banner! I knew I could I just needed to set aside the time and since I've been SUPER LAZY yesterday and this morning I decided to give it a whirl. Pretty cool, huh? This pic is above Cle Elum taken by me. YEA ME!

Okay, more posts to come to review my week; I've still been working on the project, just suckin' at posting! More to come!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Posting comments...

Okay, so I'm trying to get my blog "reader friendly". :)

Here's how I think I've set it up to work.

Click on "comments" at the end of the post you would like to make a comment on. That takes you to a new page where you have a box for your text "leave your comment". Next you need to choose your identity, if you do not have a blogger account or AIM or webpage then you choose anonymous. :) 

By choosing anonymous you are just that, anonymous. But I would like to know who left comments (please); my suggestion: end your comments with you name.
i.e. "Tiffany, you are CRAZY! Love you! -Brett"

Thanks! Hope this helps!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

DYL Projects

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday update...

Today was busy. I accomplished more today than I have in awhile. Here are highlights:

Broke down boxes and cleaned up the garage. Car packed to take to recycle

Hung these "butterflies" up behind the girls door for them to hang coats, backpacks, and sweatshirts
Me doing laundry (yea me!)

Taking the girls to dance

I'll add my words tomorrow - it's 12am. I've gotta work tomorrow...good night!

Sunday update...

I am very proud to share that I am accomplishing much! 

I would also like to share that I figured out the posting thing and you should now be able to leave comments on my blog. Please do! Let me know what you think. Do I ramble too much? (Too bad, that's me) Is there something else you'd like to know? Talk to me! :) Thanks! Just click on the "comments" at the end of the entry you wish to comment on. Enjoy!

I am pretty tired tonight but it was important to me to share tidbits of yesterday and today with you. (Sunday one post, Monday next post)


As you can see the girls are reading. This was a mark your calendar event as they had been doing NOTHING that I had asked. It was a great surprise to walk into the room and see them doing something that I had asked. Thanks guys!

Me blogging. :)

Girls ready to "wrestle" with Daddy; "BRING IT ON!"

so, he did!

Day overview: (I had a notebook handy all day)
7:30am awake but refused to get out of bed. Girls up but playing in their room quietly. This is really sleeping in for us but not enough sleeping in for me
8am Brett off to check farm
8:30am Alissa & Jillian come and say hi
eat cereal
work on DYL assignments
check email
11:45am Brett gets home. I start my weekend "chores" with mowing the grass. It was a family affair; Brett trimming, girls scoopin' poop, and me cutting grass on the riding lawn mower.
1:30pm (Wow, what a difference teamwork makes! It usually takes me 2.5 to 3 hours to do the yard by myself!) 
sort and start laundry
2pm I shower
2:15pm girls reading like I asked
2:30pm post Goals blog
4:15 start dinner - cheeseburger dish. LOVE this one! EVERYONE, except me -beef, eats this without complaint! Just happy faces!
Make "tasks" list for girls and go over it with them. Reward: blizzards at the end of the week.
5pm Eat
after dinner: 
more laundry
DYL project
girls showers
girls to bed
Brett & I settle in for movie:Forbidden Kingdom, I fall asleep - wake up for the end
11pm bed

On the goals listed yesterday, these things didn't make it in my day: making dinner plan for the week, and hanging the curtain rod in my room. Let's see if they make it this week. :)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rethinking things....

I am thinking after my attempt at a “week in the life” project this last week with Ali Edwards that I need to learn to re approach things.

Looking at her blog each day through the week I began to feel intimidated that I am lacking, seeing all that she is able to do in a day and how fabulous her home looks and realizing today that is is because she is organized. I’m sure that if she starts a project she sees it through completion. That’s not to say that she may not have multiple projects at one time but I’m sure that she has multiple within limits; knowing that she can complete them before she gets overwhelmed. Not so for me; and I’ve come to the conclusion today that is why I am so frustrated. I get so overwhelmed I choose to do nothing vs. something. That’s really hard to admit but unfortunately true. I already know that if you live an organized life you end up having more “free” time; at least that’s what my books on organization say. :)

Oh yeah, I’m a total organizer wannabe! I’ve got all sorts of books and tools but apparently I don’t know how to properly utilize them!

Today, I’ve decided to tackle the “week in the life” project again but tweeked, starting today. I want to set goals for each day and some for the end of the week. I’m going to try to keep it real but let’s see how that goes. :)

I’m a BIG list maker!! I love lists! I love to make them and then cross/check them off. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment; it also keeps me on task. For some reason I get sidetracked easily; could it be that I don’t really want to necessarily do those tasks?

In addition to making time to download photos, blog (that’s my journaling), and work on Design Your Life (DYL) class, I would like to accomplish these goals:


weekend chores: mow grass, laundry, dishes, take trash to curb

overall pick up of house - after taking pictures there are many things that I want to change. Change in appearance and how I manage tackling them. Change is for another day though.

Make a chore list for girls with a reward at the end of the week. I'm doing them a great disservice cleaning up after them and getting mad at them for it; it's not their fault, it's mine.

make a dinner plan for week

hang curtain rod in my room

complete first week assignments for DYL and post


break down boxes in garage

bonus: take boxes, plastics, and newspapers to recycle

attend PTSO mtg.


listen to class for PWDC


create “my goals” list for team building - how can I be more proactive?

encourage a date for mtg. @ work. Having everyone on the same page will create a team enviroment..

Let’s tackle Wed-Sat another day; let’s she how I do. Wish me luck!

Celebrating Marge...

Today we celebrated the life of Brett's grandma Marge who recently passed away. It was a beautifully simple gathering; focused on gathering as family. It was a good visit had by all.

It's unfortunate that the primary time that a family gathers is for weddings and funerals. Today, I reconnected with people I have not seen in the last eight years.

The service itself was short and simple but carried much emotion. Marge was a wonderful woman; warm, welcoming, and such a joy. She will be deeply missed and I am saddened that she will not longer physically be a part of our lives and watching my kids grow.

Marge and her husband Ken were to move up from Arizona the end of September; now Ken is here without his companion, his love, his best friend. They were married 58 years. 58! And each time I saw them they still had that spark. Amazing.

We are very happy to have Ken closer to us and look forward to spending time with him.

Here are some pics:
 Ken & Marge in July 2007

Tyler, Marges' great grandson, looking over all the photos of her

The vault to the left is of Ken's parents. 
I really like this picture...

Friday, October 3, 2008

A scary moment...

On our way home from school, Brett called me and asked if the girls wanted to go horseback riding. OF COURSE!! We went home and the girls got ready and we headed over to the shop. When we arrived, Brett already had Bert and Eclipse saddled and ready; he told the girls to let him warm them up and then they'd all go. COOL.

Today, they were all going to ride in the pasture vs. the round pen. Exciting for them, nerve racking for me. This is something I know that I need to overcome. My girls don't know it all but know enough to be lead by Brett outside a pen. He had a lead rope and everything! But I still got nervous. As I tried my best to bury me fears deep inside and cheer my family on as they were headed out the gates to the pasture, Eclipse freaked out about something! He started to hop and popped the lead rope Brett was holding out of his hand and just misbehave to say the least! He got at least one good buck in before I made it over to grab the lead rope and get Bert away from Eclipse; in my mind it's only a matter of moments before Bert starts up just out of the chaos. As I grabbed the rope Alissa started freaking out in a high pitch and as Bert went into a spin not sure what he was to do. I tried to get him to stop but Alissa's fears got the best of her and spooked him more. Both girls fell off and Brett got a hold of Bert and I moved the girls out of the area. Alissa was FREAKED! Rightfully so, we all were, but unfortunately horses respond to that.

After I held them close and made sure that they were okay, everyone was fine - just shaken up, I started to talk about what just happened. I explained that no matter how scared we are we need to be the one in control and that is SUPER hard but this won't be the last time they get bucked off. So, let's go through it: no panicing, no high squeeling, keep your feet forward when riding double - if you get your boots hanging back by their hips they can wig out a bit, get your feet set in the stir-ups and regain control. If you do fall off, you have to get back on both for the horse sake and for yourself. 

The getting back on was the hardest for Ali; she was ready to go back home! Again, I was burying my own fears to be strong for my kids; truth be told, I wasn't too anxious for them to get back on either, not while Brett was continuing to have issues with Eclipse - still unknown what his issue was. I knew that they needed to get back on but the protective mom in me wanted to erase their fears, not make them face it. I am proud of them and myself, they got back on Bert and Brett and I walked them around in the pen. Good job girls! The girls left looking forward to another ride.

Brett stayed awhile and worked Eclipse.

It was a scary moment but we all worked through it together. I am proud of us.

I have a secret...

Did you know I have been wanting to go back to school to learn graphic design? Maybe that's not a secret to some of you but to most it is. For the longest time I have been searching for a way to bring both my creative and rational sides together; about two years ago I thought of graphic design. Last winter, Brett and I even toyed with the idea of me going back to school when Jillian started Kindergarten this year. I've chosen that right now is not the right time and I'm okay with that; but I am still so very interested!  

Guess what I found tonight?!? An online scrapbooking class by someone I respect and admire for not only her scrapbooking talent but the fact that she is a graphic designer. The class is called Design Your Life, it is being offered at Big Picture Scrapbooking which was co-founded by another person in the scrapbooking industry that I adore - Stacy Julian, creator/founder of Simple Scrapbooks. It is a 12 week course so I'll keep you posted as I go along.

I'm really excited! Wish me luck!

I need to vent a bit...

What has happened to personal responsibility? Accountability? Care for your fellow "man"?

In the last couple of weeks I've had more reality than I'd like on how people have given up and don't care! 

Two examples: 

The economic crisis; it's a complete blame game! "..the last 8 years..", thank you for identifying the problem, let's move forward with a solution. I am beginning to feel that they won't move forward because a) they fear to further fail and be accountable or b) don't know or want to seek the solution. I'm not sure what's worse but I have had enough already!

On a more personal level; my dear friend Tracy... A little back story, Tracy suffered a brian aneurism in March that her MD told her he's only seen in autopsy; in other words, he's never seen anyone survive this type of aneurism. She, in herself, is a miracle in the fact that she has no physical changes that can't and won't be overcome. She has hurdles to overcome and has to learn a new normal of life but in the end she will be stronger and more protective about the things that matter most to her in her life. She is strong and she has and will continue to overcome her obstacles. I am very proud to call her my friend and I admire her strength.

Two weeks ago, Tracy's daughter Heidi was assaulted at school. She had been having issues with this girl for a few weeks prior and went to her parents and the school officials for guidance in how to handle the situation; she is 15 and very wise for her years. She ignored the threats and the insults in a means to not accelerate the situation; she rose above the game.

Unfortunately, Heidi's strength only aggravated this girl more and lead her to hurt Heidi. According to witnesses, Heidi was picked up and thrown into the concrete wall and floor of the school and knocked unconscious. As she was unconscious, the girl continued to physically assault her. Heidi had to be transported by ambulance from the high school to the hospital. The medical staff at the hospital strongly feared that Heidi had a bleed in her head. Heidi suffered a concussion in addition to the bruises left physically and emotionally.

I am angered for multiple reasons. According to staff and students at the high school there are fights ALL the time. Some students say that it can start as simple as accidentally running into someone, they shove back and then it starts. WHY!! Why is this allowed? Why is it acceptable? I attended this high school and although times have changed and there are many more students there than before I don't see that as an excuse. What happened to respect? What happened to discipline? If there are fights "all the time" I would assume that some are happening in the halls; where are the teachers? I can understand a fear by the teachers to be outnumbered by the students but find a way to overcome it! Sitting there not doing anything only shows the students that they can get away with it! If they were to attack a teacher I guarantee it would only happen once. The wrath that would come from the community, the school, and student peers would break the cycle. I don't want harm to brought to anyone but our youth looks to their peers for guidance whether they appear to be observant or not. It is the peers responsibility to set the bar. Where did this fail? What generation started the "I give up"?!? That's what I feel parents these days have done, they've given up. Parenting isn't easy folks, it can downright suck at times, but it is a parents job to teach respect and it's a parents job to teach accountability for your actions. It's time to step up to the plate and take your responsibility parents, teachers, and peers. Stop living in fear of no longer being the childs' friend; you are suppose to be the one in control, it's time to step up to the plate.

There are at least two more examples that I have but it's the same bottom line; lack of accountability, respect, and respect for others. 

Please keep my friend Tracy and her family in your thoughts; they are a tight knit family and have many people that love and support them bringing them great strength, but these obstacles have tested that strength. Thoughts from others help them remember that their not alone. Thank you in advance for your thoughts. 

I know that Tracy reads my blog. Tracy, I hope that I have not upset you or crossed a line in our friendship. I love you and your family and wanted to share how proud I am of you and I hope that my rant puts a fire in those that read it and give them the voice that this is not okay.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

the Adventures of Super Duck...

Super Duck is a stuffed animal that Jillian's Kindergarten class shares. Each behaved child gets to take him home for two days and keep a journal of their adventures together. Jillian though it was a blast and I turned it into a little book written from Jillians perspective. Here it is:

My adventure with Super Duck started right after school.

My mom, Super Duck and I went to the car wash, 

shopped at WalMart,

and Super duck hung out with my mom and watched me dance - whew!

Then we came home and got ready for bed. My bed was nice and cozy; not only was Super Duck bunking with me but my sister and her koala slept with us too!

Tuesday morning, Super Duck joined me for breakfast and then rode to school with my mom to drop my sister, Cassidy, Mackenzie and I off for school. I didn't see him again until it was time for dance that evening.

I missed him lots and brought him to watch me again at dance that night.

I was really happy to have had Super Duck come and stay with me. I've had lots of fun on our adventure and I hope the other kids do too!

Thanks for all the fun Super Duck!

Getting caught up...

Sunday was hilarious, in retrospect of course, allow me to explain.

First, a disclaimer: I do not share these tidbits/stories of info to be whiney or complain, I share because it seems there is always something. It adds to the craziness of the everyday and makes that crazy even more so...

On the drive home I was completely congested and so were the girls. Each one of us seemed to be taking turns sniffling and coughing. I was in denial and thought that it was all the chlorine as we were in an indoor waterpark for two days but come Monday morning we were still all congested and coughing. The three of us officially had a cold. Great.

Monday, we all continued our regularly scheduled programs; carpool, Ultrasound for me, then chores, school for the girls (Jillian brings home Super Duck - a post of it's own next), home for snack, dance, showers, and bed.

Tuesday: Carpool, me to work, find out my ultrasound result - ruptured ovarian cyst ( see OB next week), I flub up the carpool schedule by forgetting that Ali goes to Heather's until I'm off of work - oops! Grandpa Larry was in the parent pickup line waiting for her - again, oops! He's already come to town at 1pm to get Jillian; sorry for the unnecessary trip! Get that all straighten out; get home from work, take Jillian to dance, home for dinner, bed for the girls, some TV then bed for Brett & I.

TODAY! (Whew! Wasn't sure I'd get here today!)
Today, I decide that I do want to partake in a "Week in the Life" Challenge on Ali Edwards blog. A really cool idea that I have a better start than I thought I did. I'm pretty excited about giving it a try. I'll post it, as best I can, when I complete it. 

See, right there I said when I complete it, not if. Keep on me for it!

I've done A LOT of posts today. I will try to stay on top of it better but life is life. And I enjoy every crazy minute of it! 

Hope your enjoying the posts!

A GREAT weekend...

Let me start with, I don't have time to be sick. Although I was not up to par I was not going to disappoint my family, friends or myself by letting my bad week and still not feeling well over take our plans. I sucked it up and am continuing to suck it up because I just don't have the time or the patience to be sick...

The weekend kicked off with a birthday party at Lake Bowl for Ivie, (Melissa's daughter and Alissa and Jillian's cousin). Melissa, you are CRAZY! I swear there were 30 something kids there! We took up 4 lanes and 3 of them had ten players each, the fourth lane had 5 or 6 I believe.

For those of you unaware of Melissa's parties, they are no small thing. Not ever! They are an EVENT lasting a couple of hours and full of entertainment. They are always fun and wonderful but WAY more than I would ever dream to tackle! Kudos Melissa.

As usual, everyone had a blast! The girls weren't ready to go when it was time but we all had the weekend to get ready for.

Saturday, we headed east; destination - 

in Kellogg, ID. We shopped our way there, stopping in Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Post Falls along the way.

Charli had found out about this deal Silver Mountain was offering throughout the end of
 September, stay one night in a 1 bedroom and get two days passes for four to the waterpark for $169. The passes themselves cost $27 each and the rooms are like timeshare rooms. They offer studios, 1 & 2 bedroom units, and lofts - those sleep 10! It was a deal!

2 bedroom floor plan. Left side of floor plan locks off to be 1 bedroom studio and right side becomes 1 bedroom unit

the fireplace
the kitchen

A total of four families went; Chapman's (Justin, Charli, Riley, Cayli, and Camyrn), Carvo's (Brett, Me, Alissa, and Jillian), Carvo's (Josh, Melissa, Ashley, ivie, and Kolby), and Dishon's (Dan, Tina, Kegan, Miaya, and a little guy I don't remember his name- sorry). 

OMGosh! If you haven't gone - you need to! Completely indoors, lifeguards everywhere! Something for everyone one - literally. Kiddie zone for the toddlers, kid area with slides for the other kids, a lazy river, 2 tube slides, 1 "family" tube slide - seats 4, a tidal wave to surf, a pool of water basketball, 3 hot tubs - one for kids, 2 for adults upstairs by the bar. A full service bar, a place to order good food that's not badly priced at all, lifejackets and towels was AWESOME!! Our kids could go do there thing - with rules of course and we could do ours.

Here are some pics from the internet:

an overall view

 the surf thing

The weekend was in celebration of Riley's birthday. We had a BLAST and hope that he did too! Thanks for inviting us!

Silver Mountain Resort is offering a similar package starting today. We are contemplating a second trip...we'll see.

A really bad week....

After the MotoCross I got "sick" (more info than you'll want to know but its necessary back story) - UTI; went to the clinic Monday morning to get Rx; later that day a bit nauseous. Late late Monday night Jillian's restless with a horrible cough; she was literally coughing every third breath and coughing hard! I stayed up a couple hours with her on the couch. 

Tuesday: missed work not only because of me but because Jillian had an uncontrollable cough and didn't get much rest, by that afternoon she's running a fever. I'm really nauseous this day and eat only enough to take Rx. 

Wednesday: Jillian home sick again and I go back to the clinic because I am NOT feeling well, right side pain in addition to nausea, concerned that I may have kidney infection or ovarian cyst. MD orders ultrasound, he's concerned that I have a stone, could be kidney, could be gallbladder. Ultrasound unable to be done until Friday. Got an additional Rx for nausea. 

Heather takes Ali to dance and I usually pick her up and take both Alissa and Jillian to CCD; not this night, I just want to go to bed. So, I pick Ali up and do just that.

Thursday: Heather takes the kids to school in the am so that I can sleep/rest. My mom plans on picking up Issiah and Jillian and I thought Heather was picking Alissa up.

I slept ALL DAY. At 2pm my sister, Krista, calls trying to figure out how to get to my house due to road construction. I figure that it's easier to meet her than explain it so off to the ML Country Club I go. On the way, I call Heather to let her know the best route home, she thanks me and then says, "You're picking up today, remember?", only Alissa as her girls have choir. No, I forgot. I grab Jillian and book it to the school to get Alissa. 

The clinic calls and reschedules my ultrasound to Monday as they have a machine down. FABULOUS...

Friday: Heather took the kids to school again (THANK YOU) and I rested. Finally, around 4:30pm my nausea was in waves vs. constant and my pain was workable. Still uncomfortable but not holding me back any longer. I was a whole new person!  I can't believe how night and day I felt! And not a moment too soon, we had a big plans! Ivie's birthday party this night and Silver Rapids Indoor Water Park, Kellogg, ID for the weekend.

Ephrata MotoCross...

Sept. 21st: We joined the Chapman Family at the MotoCross in Ephrata. Riley and Cayli have done a couple 4-wheeler races already, this was Alissa and Jillian's first time. I was very nervous! 

The night before, Alissa needed some convincing and Jillian was adamant that she was not participating. Come morning, Alissa was up right after Brett left to check the farm; she was ready to go! To my surprise, Jillian was ready to ride also. I got them ready for the race and packed snacks and drinks while Brett was at the shop getting the 4-wheelers ready. After a little starting issue with Jillian's bike, we were "off to the races"! I was still really nervous but Brett and the girls were stoked!

 the track

Everyone was awesome! They played together while waiting for their event and watched other events. It was a great time had by all - truly.

Riley, Alissa, Cayli, and Jillian

Alissa and Riley got really competitive after the warm up. In the first run Riley was first and Alissa was second, in the second run Alissa came in first and Riley, in my opinion came in second. I say my opinion because the officials said a different kid came in second and Riley came in third. I think the officials got their numbers mixed up because everyone we were with agrees with my opinion. The first run Alissa, Riley, Jillian, and Cayli were all together. In the second run they split up the group, Alissa and Riley were together and Jillian and Cayli were together. I really enjoyed that a lot more; it was a better break up of the ages.

Jillian and Alissa

Riley and Alissa
Cayli and Jilllian

After the first run I think that Jillian got the competition bug, she wasn't settling for a trophy just for participating; she wanted MORE! In the second run, she was in the lead until the final fifth lap when the little guy, Braden, who'd been on her tail the whole time literally got on her tail! They went over a hill and on the way down his 4-wheeler hooked onto the back of Jillian's. Scary moment for mom but dad's are all around the track and got them detached right before the last big hill. Jillian lost momentum, the little girl who'd been in third the whole time took the lead, Braden took second, and Jillian got third. She was pretty disappointed; but still had a good time.

Riley and Alissa did a bunch of trash talkin', kid style. I think that Charli and Brett got a kick out that because they're always trash talkin'! Jillian went into silent observer mode and Cayli was havin' a blast! Although I had reservations I was happy that they participated and proud that they did their best. Good job girls!

Race results:
Alissa - 1st
Riley - 3rd (should have been tied for 1st, in my opinion)
Jillian - 3rd
Cayli - participant trophy

Good job guys! Best part - you all had fun; a little competition never hurts.

Week in review....

To continue the update in overview (on top of the busyness that the week usually holds; school transportation, my day at work, dance, and CCD...):

Sept. 13th: Brett came home from Alaska; landed in Seattle about 6pm and got home about 11pm.

The girls tried their best to stay up to greet him but Jillian was the first one asleep around 9:30pm then Alissa followed around 10pm. We all missed Brett so much!! He missed us too; he went into their room when he got home and woke them up to say hi - another tender moment.

Sept. 15th: I went swimming. I finally took Julie up on her offer to join her swimming laps at the high school. That girls been going for about the last nine months and has continually asked me to join her - her persistence finally paid off. Thanks sweetie! It was fun!

I did it on the 17th too!

Sept 19th: Brett and I picked Jillian up early from school to go to a my MD appt. in Spokane. Alissa planned on going to her friend Nicoles' house after school for a sleepover; more on that in a minute.

My MD appt. was with my orthopedic surgeon regarding my right knee that had reconstructive surgery about a year and a half ago. In that reconstruction, I had my patella tuberosity (the bump below your knee) moved ten degrees medial (in) to help my knee track better so it no longer dislocates. By moving that tuberosity they had to graph the bone to it's new location and placed two screws basically as healing screws....well, (you'd better sit down as you might hit your head laughing) my screws are loose. Yep, I've got a loose screw! Two of them! Jokes aside, they are backing out causing pain and discomfort and a large bump. I need to go in and have them removed. I'll have to take it easy for eight weeks following but it should be a breeze of a recovery vs. the reconstruction.

Brett's favorite line when sharing with our friends is, "they forgot the lock-tight". Thanks babe.

Alissa's sleepover at Nicoles is one for the books! They went to the MLHS football game Friday night, were artists for creating their own plate and bowl with a "make a plate and bowl kit" (super cool! The kids draw their masterpiece on a special paper, you send it in and your child's masterpiece is now a part of the dish! It's not just for show, you can use them as well! Here's the link:, they went to the local Farmer's Market and got cotton candy in addition to fresh fruits and veggies, jumped on the trampoline with Nicole's dad, rode bikes, GOOD GRIEF! Alissa had a BALL!

When I went to pick Alissa up Saturday @ 11am (yea, Ali got to Nicole's house around 3:30pm Friday and I picked her up @ 11am Sat - that's a lot of good times  jam packed!) The girls were riding bikes and Ali was definitely NOT ready/wanting to go home. When Nicole's mom shared with me all that the girls had done with the family I could understand. I told her that we would love to have Nicole over for a sleepover at our house  but I'm afraid she may be a bit disappointed - I'm way more of a home body then that!

Guess we'll won't be for at least a few weeks, the weekends are currently booked.

That night..

That evening, I had a sitter for the kids (thanks Alex!!) that I had lined up for a week before so that I could go see the movie "The Women" starring Meg Ryan, Debra Messing, Annette Benning, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Eve Mendez. This was a STAR STUDDED movie - ALL women! No men the entire show! It was fabulous!
I had seen previews for this movie when I went to see "Sex and the City" movie this summer. I will say that "The Women" was NOT what I was expecting it to be but I loved it anyway.

I was happy that Charli & Melissa joined me for it. Thanks for sharing your evening with me! Life is busy for us all, it's awesome when we have a chance to connect! Remember, you got bonus points! :)

I won't give any  part of it away but I it will be on my purchase list when it comes out.

Wow, it's been awhile...

Life has been busy to say the least. I just noticed today how long it's truly been. So, let's see if I can catch may take a few posts, but I'll do my best. :)

Sept. 12th: I joined the girls elementary school to attend "Seussical the Musical, Jr." put on by the girls dance studio, Today's Generation. I am a Dr. Seuss NUT!! I LOVE the silly nonsense words and the rhymes! They entertain me and they make me think. I have EVERY board book Suess for the girls when they were little, we still have them because we just can't let them go. Anyway, I'm rambling...
The show was fabulous! All the characters were local kids in the community; what a talented bunch! I admired them for having no fear, no reservations, and the strength in personal character that showed. These kids ranged from K-12 I do believe, at least 1st-11th. We knew a couple of them so it made it even more entertaining!

Jillian sat with me while Alissa sat with her class. Jillian was FULLY entertained, and she can be quite the critic; she doesn't sit down to watch just anything. She recited some of the lines with the performers, laughed out loud, and cheered with excitement! Alissa LOVED it also. I kinda missed out not sitting with her but glanced her direction every now and then to see her smiling and laughing and enjoying the musical with her friends. I would really like to see the full Broadway version now. We LOVE Seuss!