Sunday, December 18, 2011

Isn't it funny....

Isn’t it funny how the things on our mind and in our thoughts become more apparent in our daily lives? For example, when your are in the market for a new car and have chosen your favorite, you see it EVERYWHERE just making that desire stronger.

On my mind the last little while is a little teacup Yorkie puppy! Not one in particular, just one in general. Now, with my allergies this is not going to happen but I do think that they are VERY cute! I’ve has some friends tell me that they are yappers and that is not a quality I like in any dog ESPECIALLY in a small one! But as having one is only a thought and not a reality I am happy to stick with this adorable dog!

I said all of that to share this, I got online this morning and what is a hot topic running in Yahoo’s video news feed? A video of an adorable little boy with a playful little Yorkie! This video has gone VIRAL!

What makes a simple capture of a cute moment so interesting? Everyone loves babies? Everyone loves puppies? How cute that the two interact so well at such a young age? I don’t know!?! But going viral is a big deal - over 350K views (per Good Morning America)!

I've heard that if your YouTube video receives so many views, you get paid...Not exactly sure how that works - would love to find out! If you know more about that, leave a comment, message me - aka LET ME KNOW! LOL! I find it FASCINATING! I currently don't plan on going crazy posting videos, I truly don't plan on posting any at all but I am always curious on the know how!

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